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    About Us

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    The Amagasaki Municipal Archives (AMA) was established in 1975 as an extension to the Amagasaki Municipal Office of Historiography under General Affairs Bureau of Amagasaki City.

    The AMA contributes to a mission of Amagasaki city to conserve historical archives related to the city by collecting and accessing private collections, public records, books, maps, photographs, leaflets and numerous others. A list of our collections is available in "Our Holdings".

    In addition, we serve as the center library for local histories throughout Japan. We collect books, historical reports, bulletins and magazines that other local municipal archives publish.The AMA is open to public, if you wish to research the history of Amagasaki and other areas. Please feel free to contact our staff for any questions.


    The Amagasaki Municipal Archives (Amagasaki-Shiritsu Chiiki Kenkyū Shiryōkan)
    Name of Organization
    Amagasaki City General Affairs Bureau Archives Division
    2-7-16 Showa-dori Amagasaki, Hyogo 6600881, Japan
    Date of Establishment
    January 10, 1975
    Main Office(Amagasaki Cultural Center 7th Floor) and Remote Storage(Oshima, Amagasaki)
    Main Office Remote Storage Total
    Storage 118m2 1,089m2 1,207m2
    Arrangement 49m2 - 49m2
    Reading Room 50m2 - 50m2
    Office 91m2 - 91m2
    Total 308m2 1,089m2 1,397m2
    Regular 3(Chief Archivist1, Clerk 2), Non-Regular 7, Temporary 1